15 Home Remedies for Treatment of Nausea

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Nausea is the state of uncomforting in which a person feels like vomiting and unease in the stomach. It should be noted that nausea is not a disease but it is a symptom which may arise due to different type of conditions in the body like pregnancy, medicine usage, hunger, etc. but upset stomach is the main cause behind nausea. Some basic symptoms of nausea are vomiting or a feeling of it, stomach pain, dizziness, sweating, etc.

Due to the occurrence of vomiting in the condition of nausea, there may be dehydration nausea in the person having so proper fluids should be given for intake. The dehydration state can be easily judged if the person has a dry mouth and lips. In severe cases eyes may also get sunken. Loss of urination may also be there. Nausea is not any serious problem and it can be treated easily by different types of home remedies.

Home Remedies for Nausea

The following home remedies are most appropriate for the treatment for nausea:

1. Spicy and junk food should be always avoided in the state of nausea as they may add to the unease or uncomforting.

2. Taking nearly half a teaspoon of cumin seeds with water may help in relaxing the stomach and hence the body.

3. Taking oral rehydration solution can help if taken regularly after every hour.

4. Vomiting once in the state of nausea can be helpful as this will throw the unwanted substances out of the stomach which may be behind the occurrence of nausea.

5. Chewing peppermint or a gum or mouth freshener containing peppermint can help a lot. As mint is a helpful herb in settling or relaxing the stomach it will reduce the feeling of vomiting.

6. Drinking the best sports drinks can help in removing the feeling of nausea and relaxing the body.

7. Drinking warm rice water drained after cooking rice can help in removing the feeling of nausea.

8. Oral Rehydration Solution For Adults will help the adults to deal with nausea and feeling of nausea.

9. Banana is rich in fiber content so it can treat nausea really well. Other fibrous food like rice, brown bread, and apple sauce can also be helpful.

10. Chewing ginger can also be helpful and if its taste doesn't feel well the ginger can also be dipped in honey and can be taken. As ginger is a natural electrolyte good for digestion also it can teat or relax the upset stomach and reduce the feeling of vomiting.

11. Non-carbonated syrup can also be taken.

12. Baking soda mixed in water is a very effective treatment for nausea.

13. Vegetables and fruits taken on a daily basis can be preventive for nausea. Oily and spicy food should be totally avoided in the state of nausea.

14. Drinking cider, vinegar, or honey mixed with water before a meal can be helpful. These contents increase the metabolism hence the digestion becomes easy which decreases the feeling of nausea and hence decreases the tendency of vomiting which was due to improper digestion of food.

15. Drinking lemon juice mixed in water is the best rehydrating solutions home remedy for the treatment of nausea.