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Batch 2011[edit]

  1. Primary prevention of allergy for mother’s baby exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months
  2. Primary prevention during pregnancy avoid smoking
  3. Cell damaging target end organ eosinophil
  4. Persistent allergic rhinitis 4 days in a week
  5. Negative predictive value of SPT 95%
  6. IgE produced by plasma cell
  7. Function of SPT confirm allergy disease and detect allergen
  8. Baby has high risk allergy but no allergy can be given partial hydrolyzed milk
  9. Atopy Patch Test involves hypersensitivity type IV
  10. Mother has recurrent “rhiny” nose, father has asthma, child has atopic dermatitis, the score is 5
  11. Pregnant women asks how to prevent the transmission of allergy to her baby, immediate management of the case? Take history of parents’ allergy and siblings allergy cases
  12. Most common allergy in early life atopic dermatitis
  13. Specific allergen which induces persistent Allergic Rhinitis house dust mite
  14. SPT confirms positive shrimp, avoid shrimp and all others that include shrimp
  15. SPT in baby 3 months positive cows milk allergy 5 days ago cow milk positive 55%
  16. Hypersensitivity Type 1 involves IgE and mast cell
  17. Food allergy clinical manifestation Can be mild to severe
  18. Symptoms of moderate to severe AR? Nasal blockage
  19. Child with decreased consciousness, dropped BP, do what? Adrenalin injection
  20. Red patch, wheal, tachycardia, difficulty breathing, what is it? Angioedema
  21. AR mediated by IgE
  22. Most common allergen for contact dermatitis in ear nickel
  23. Anaphylactic shock is type Type 1
  24. How to confirm food allergy? Elimination and Provocation Test
  25. If baby allergic but no breast milk give what? Soy Milk
  26. Stages of Allergic Rhinitis....Rapid, Late, Hyper
  27. Side effect of local corticosteroid...Thinning of skin 28) First treatment for AR? 2nd generation of H1 antihistamine
  28. How to manage Atopic Dermatitis? Prevent dryness