Amphetamine Test Device (Urine)

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Block C4 - Adolescence and Adulthood

Clinical Pathology
Office:5th floor, Radiopoetro
Lab:6th floor, Radiopoetro
Pre-test:10 questions, mixed.
Lab Report:Yes, include work-plan.

DTS126, 2, Interpretation Of Results.JPG


Batch 2011 Exam[edit]

  1. What are the uses of Benzodiazepines in low dosage, medium dosage, and high dosage?
  2. What does Metamphetamine metabolize into?
  3. Cardiovascular responses to Amphetamine include increased blood pressure and cardiac arrythmias. True or false? True.
  4. Amphetamines are a class of potent parasympathomimetic agents. True or false? False. They are sympathomimetic.
  5. What is the effect of sample dilution?
  6. What substance is in the control region? Goat antibody.
  7. If no line appears in the C region, what should you do? The test is invalid. Attempt the test again with a new device using the correct procedure.
  8. What is the function of the control line?
  9. What does a a blurry line in the T region mean? Negative.
  10. What is the half-life of Amphetamine in the body? 4-24 hours.
  11. How long can urine specimens may be stored prior to assay? Up to 48 hours in 2-8°C.
  12. Interpret a picture of a test device with no line in the C region. Invalid test.