Blood Protozoa and Tissue Nematodes

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Block C4 - Adolescence and Adulthood

Office:4th floor, Radiopoetro.
Lab:4th floor, Radiopoetro.
Pre-test:10 questions, multiple-choice.
Lab Report:None.


Batch 2011 Pretest[edit]

A) P. Malaria. B) P. Ovale. C) P. Vivax. D) P. Falciparum. E) W. Bancrofti. F) B. Malayi.

  1. Cephalic space: length=width. E.
  2. Infected erythrocyte enlarged, cytoplasm amoeboid. C.
  3. Young trophozoite with double chromatin and accole form. D.
  4. Mature trophozoite band form across RBC. A.
  5. Nucleous of microfilaria overlapping. F.
  6. Infected RBC oval and fimbriated. B.
  7. Microfilaria with two terminal nuclei. F.
  8. Schuffner's stippling is distinct. C.
  9. Mature schizon with rosette form of merozoite. B.
  10. Gametocytes: banana form. D.