Grha Wiyata

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Bill Gates in front of Grha Wiyata on April 5, 2014

Also known as "international building", "inter building", "GW" (pronounced "Gay way" in Indonesian) Grha Wiyata houses the IOSS, offices of the administration of the international program, tutorial discussion rooms, and skills lab rooms on the upper floors. International students spend a great deal of time in Grha Wiyata. The air-conditioned tutorial rooms, when not being used for scheduled tutorials, make decent study or meeting rooms. There is also a small computer lab in Grha Wiyata as well as WiFi that often works. Some of the discussion rooms have projectors mounted on the ceilings while the rest have LCD TVs.

On one side of Grha Wiyata is the KPTU, an administrative building that serves the whole Faculty of Medicine (including both Regular and International Programs), and the other side has the five storey Ruang Kuliah where lectures take place. Across the street from Grha Wiyata is Radiopoetro.

Radiopoetro is visible in the background on the left. Grha Wiyata is visible to to the right.
One of many discussion rooms on the ground floor of Grha Wiyata.