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Block C4 - Adolescence and Adulthood

Office:4th floor, Radiopoetro.
Lab:4th floor, Radiopoetro.
Pre-test:10 questions, multiple-choice.
Lab Report:None.


Batch 2011 Pretest[edit]

A multiple-choice based test using powerpoint slides; one slide for each question usually with a picture.

  • Choices: Anopheles, Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti, Culex, and Mansonia.
  1. A picture of a lyre pattern. Aedes aegypti.
  2. A picture of a median pattern. Aedes albopictus.
  3. Raft-shaped eggs. Anopheles.
  4. Oval shaped eggs that float on top of water, usually in water storage tanks. Anopheles.
  5. Pupae that has penetrating shunt for piercing aquatic plants. Mansonia.
  6. Cutting apparatus on siphon. Mansonia.
  7. A picture of mansonia wing. Mansonia.
  8. A picture of larvae floating parallel to the water surface. Anopheles.
  9. A picture of anopheles eggs with the float attached. Anopheles.
  10. (Don't remember the 10th question, sorry. If you know, please click Edit at the top and put it in here.)