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Office:Anatomy Building.
Lab:Rear of Anatomy Building.
Pre-test:5 questions, short-answer.
Lab Report:None.


The Anatomy lab session requires students to have memorized all the anatomical terms before they come to the session. The lab has a strong chemical smell due to the formaldehyde that is used to preserve the cadavers, which irritates the eyes and throat. Rubbing a generous amount of vaseline on your upper lip and in your nostrils will help to reduce the effects of the formaldehyde on your eyes and breathing.


Five questions, usually short-answer and sometimes mixed with multiple-choice. The passing mark is 50% of the highest mark achieved in that session. So, getting a 2 out of 5 is a passing mark if the highest mark in the session was a 4 out of 5. Students that fail two anatomy session pre-tests in a row are required to do an assignment and hand it into the Anatomy office. The assignment is posted on the wall outside the anatomy lab. The exception to this rule is when a block has just one anatomy session. In that case, students failing that session will need to do an assignment as well.

Students sign the attendance sheet upon entering the Anatomy lab and take the pretest paper. Then, they go to the part of the lab with a lot of stools and sit down. The pre-test questions are projected onto the screen and the students have a few seconds to answer each question. The pre-test paper is handed in and marked immediately. The students that fail have their names announced. After this, the students move to the practical side of the lab and sit with their group.

Tentamen results


The tentamen (final Anatomy exam) consists of 60 questions when conducted in the lab and 30 questions if taken in the lecture building. The results are posted on the exterior wall of the Anatomy building beside the lab entrance. It takes approximately a week for the results to be posted after the tentamen.


There is a tentamen remedial conducted soon after the tentamen. Anybody can attempt to get a higher grade on the tentamen remed but preference is given to those students that scored less than 50%. To sign up for the remed, visit the Anatomy office, sign your name, pay Rp. 20,000, and leave with the receipt. Students that wish to repeat the tentamen can do so in subsequent years as many times as they like.

What happens if the tentamen remed is failed as well?[edit]

There is a myth that students scoring less than 50% on their tentamen (or tentamen remed) will need to keep attempting the tentamen until they score over 50%. The only time students are required to repeat the tentamen is if the Anatomy department does not clear the student's name and the final block grade shows up as "K" on the transcript.