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2011 batch BKPI members in 2014
2011 batch BKPI members in 2012
BKPI organization


Badan Khusus Program Internasional (BKPI) is the organized student body encompassing all batches of the International Program. BKPI is a branch of BEM, the student council that represents all students in both the International and the Regular programs in the Faculty of Medicine.

The BKPI leader is appointed by BEM from among one of the second year international program students every year after recommendation from the previous BKPI leadership. The BKPI leader then appoints deputies and fills all the positions with students after recommendation and interviews.


BKPI was founded in September 2011 and has changed names several times since.



Works to resolve curriculum, exam content, and teaching issues with the faculty in response to student feedback.

Student Services[edit]

Helps make the schedule by deciding exam dates and holiday dates. Peer-study program.

Social Events[edit]

Organizes events.

Public Relations[edit]

Promotes events. Works to build a good image for BKPI, the students of the International Program, and also UGM. Manages the BKPI Facebook and Twitter.

Related Links[edit]

  • BKPI Facebook Page: The official BKPI public "website", maintained by the PR department of BKPI.
  • BKPI Facebook Group: A place for students to talk to each other (and yes, sell things to each other). You have to join the group in order to access it.