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Office:6th floor, Radiopoetro
Pre-test:3-6 questions, short-answer.
Post-test:Sometimes. Oral only.
Lab Report:
  • Introduction
  • Reagents/Equipment
  • Procedure
  • Result
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References


Each biochemistry lab session has a pre-test. There is no post-test. The pre-test is usually composed of three to six short-answer questions. Students must achieve at least an average of 6.00 on their pretests and their final biochemistry exam. Each pretest and the final exam is marked out of a maximum of 10.00.

Procedure handout


The report is due one week after the lab session and has to be handed into the Biochemistry office next to the elevator. The lab report must include:

  • Introduction: Copy the principle from lab manual.
  • Reagents/Equipment: Copy directly from lab manual.
  • Procedure: Copy directly from lab manual or from provided handout in the lab (see picture).
  • Result: Just the result of the experiment including any calculations and graphs. Do not interpret the result here.
  • Discussion: One to three pages long. This section is important and should include a lot of information.
  • Conclusion: Interpret the result (What does the result mean?). Normal condition or not?
  • References: Recommended to include at least three to five references. One of them should be the lab manual.

Some doctors allow combining Discussion and Conclusion, but it is always safer to include both separately.