Clinical Pathology

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Clinical Pathology
Office:5th floor, Radiopoetro
Lab:6th floor, Radiopoetro
Pre-test:10 questions, mixed.
Lab Report:Yes, include work-plan.

Clinical Pathology is usually referred to as "PK" (pronounced "pay ka"). It is somewhat similar to Biochemistry but focuses more on learning about pathologies.

Lab Session[edit]

The lab session progresses like this:

  1. The attendance sheet is signed by the students entering the lab.
  2. Students place their work plans next to the attendance sheets.
  3. After the students are seated, the pretest is handed out.
  4. After the pretest is completed and collected, students proceed with the practical lab session under the guidance of an assistant docent.
  5. A lab report sheet is handed out to students for them to record their results on.
  6. Also during this time, the work plans are handed back to the students with the signature approval of a doctor.
  7. After the practical, a doctor gives a lecture and verbally asks students questions about the practical session and the theory behind it. Sometimes, the assistant docent may give a short lecture immediate after the practical and immediately before the doctor's lecture.


  • The office is on the 5th floor.
  • The lab is on the 6th floor in Radioputero, down the same hallway is Biochemistry.


The work-plan should include the aim/objective of the lab session along with the procedure. The work-plan will be marked by the assistant and handed back during the lab session. Keep the work-plan because it needs to be attached to the lab report. The work-plan needs to be done on folio-sized paper.


Pre-test is composed of multiple-choice, short-answer and true-false questions.

Lab Report[edit]

Lab reports are to be done individually (one lab report per student) and submitted into the assistant's drawer in the hallway outside the lab. The lab reports will usually be marked by the lab assistant and handed back with a percentage mark during the next Clinical Pathology lab session.

The lab report must include the work-plan and the result sheet (the sheet filled out during the session). Write an Interpretation section evaluating the results. The assistant will usually provide some topics to include in a Clinical Correlation section. Students that failed the pre-test will be required to discuss further topics in their lab report. Finally, be sure to include references.

Final Exam[edit]

The final exam is usually multiple-choice based and covers theory rather than the lab (procedure). Other times, the Clinical Pathology exam consists of a mix of multiple-choice, true-false, and short-answer.