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Diwali Night is an yearly event and, unlike what the name suggests, is not necessarily held on the Diwali holiday. Nevertheless, the event is Diwali themed. It is organized by the third year Indian-race Malaysian students but it is not uncommon for non-Indian Malaysians and even Indonesians to participate as well, especially in batches with fewer Malaysians. Diwali Night includes stage performances and a dinner. The attendance is usually around 250 to 300 guests and open to anybody with a ticket. Tickets are sold by students on the Diwali Night committee. They always sell out and despite the difficulties of mounting such a large event every year, Diwali Night enjoys its place as one of the most successful recurring events organized by international students of the Faculty of Medicine.

The performances are done by the first year juniors, the second year students, and the organizing committee, which is made up of third year students. New first year students begin practicing for Diwali Night very soon after their classes begin. The organizing committee for the upcoming Diwali Night is formed very soon after one Diwali Night ends.

The venue changes yearly so Diwali Night has already been held in several hotels around Yogyakarta.

Senior students (by batch) are seated closer to the stage while the most junior (first year) students are seated furthest from the stage. VIPs, such as faculty staff, are seated at the front as well.

The theme is traditional/formal Indian, so many guests choose to wear saris, veshtis, sherwanis, and other Indian or fancy costume clothing. Of course, many people simply dress formal in cocktail dresses and suits, or even smart casual. There is no strict dress code for Diwali Night so nobody would complain if somebody chose to wear anything else.

Diwali Night 2010[edit]

Held at Melia Hotel.

Diwali Night 2011[edit]

Held at the Inna Garuda Hotel in Malioboro.

Diwali Night 2012[edit]

Held at the Grand Aston Hotel. The original date was December 22, 2012 but got postponed to January 6, 2013. Tickets cost 150k for FK students and 180k for non-FK guests.

Diwali Night 2013[edit]

Held on November 23, 2013 at Sheraton Mustika Hotel. Tickets cost 150k for FK students and 180k for non-FK guests. This was the first time that food was served to the center of each of the 31 tables rather than a buffet. This meant that none of the guests had to get up to go get food. The downside was the lack of variety, and food arriving gradually and sometimes in an awkward order. An advantage to this model was that entertainment could continue without guests being distracted by having to go back and forth between the buffet and their table.

2014 and 2015: No Diwali Night[edit]

Diwali Night was not held in 2014 or 2015. Unfortunately, the trend has been fewer and fewer Malaysian students coming to study in UGM every year. Lack of manpower is a major reason for Diwali Night not being organized for these two years. Many feared that 2013 may be the last year for Diwali Night.

Diwali Night 2016[edit]