Dress Code

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The rules for clothing, the dress code, is different for the Faculty of Medicine compared to other faculties at UGM.

  • Shirts must have a collar.
  • Jeans are forbidden.
  • Guys must wear full-length pants. Shorts are not permitted.
  • Girls must wear at least 3/4 length pants or skirts ending no higher than the knee. (Leggings are currently acceptible, even if they show camel toe).
  • Footwear must not be open from the rear (the ankle) or from the front (the toes).
  • A White Coat must be worn in all lab sessions and even some lab exams (such as the tentamen).
  • The Gadjah Mada khaki jacket may be required for field trips.

Students at the Faculty of Medicine are required to abide by the dress code even when visiting campus just to study at the library or meet somebody at the administrative office. Exceptions to the dress code are made for sports and events such as the International Fun Festival. Also, exceptions are also made for cultural dresses for women such as the Malay baju-kurung which lacks a collar.