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MERP stamped in a passport

Exit Re-Entry Permit. For KITAS holders, an ERP is required if they wish to leave Indonesia temporarily, e.g. to visit Malaysia for the holidays. It is important to apply for the ERP a month before your flight. Naturally, the MERP costs more than the ERP. There is also an additional fee to accelerate the ERP processing time (to within a week in off-peak times of the year). The ERP is valid for one year and allows one exit and one re-entry into Indonesia. The MERP (Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit) allows unlimited exits and re-entries into Indonesia.

Students can ask the IOSS to assist in the processing of the ERP. This makes it very easy: students simply drop off their passports and the ERP fee at IOSS, and then pick up their passport with the ERP stamped in it a few weeks later. It is quite easy to do the paperwork yourself by visiting the immigration building next to the airport. Ask the taxi driver to take you to "kantor imigrasi dekat bandara" if you're taking a cab.