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How to start editing FK Wiki[edit]

The good news is that it's much easier to edit FK Wiki than you think.


First, go to the main page ( ) and click on the block page you want to edit. For this example, we'll use Block 3.3.

You can either edit individual sections of the page or the whole page all at once. Let's edit the whole page. To do that, click on "Edit" at the top right corner.


After clicking "Edit", you are shown a big text-box. It is similar to a text-box you would use to write an email. You may notice some funny things like double equal signs and square-brackets but don't get scared.


You can make changes and type new stuff when editing a page. Once you're happy with it, go to the bottom and click "Save Page".


The page gets instantly updated and your changes are live for everybody to see.

Wiki markup[edit]

Wiki markup are symbols we use to make words bold or to create headings. So, if a new line starts with two equals signs and ends with two equals signs, then it will create a heading. A table-of-contents will automatically be created, so you don't have to worry about that.


Of course, you don't have to remember all these wiki markup codes. You can use the toolbar that I'm sure you've noticed above the text-box. If you see a page with something that you want to learn how to do ("How did he make that beautiful table on the Hypertension in Pregnancy page?"), just click on "Edit" and you will see the wiki markup used. Feel free to steal the wiki markup for your own pages.


How to make a new page[edit]

To make a new page, you must first create a link. So, edit an existing page. Create a link, for example: [[Waqqas is awesome]]. Save the page and a link will appear like this: Waqqas is awesome. Now, click on the link and you will be taken to a blank page called Waqqas is awesome. You can now click on "Edit" at the top right corner and start typing all the reasons why you think Waqqas is awesome on your new page. :-)


Links to some good pages on FK Wiki[edit]