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Grade Point Average. cGPA means 'cumulative grade point average', known as IPK in Indonesian. The GPA scale is different from institution to institution, however UGM follows a maximum 4.00 GPA system:

Letter Grade GPA
A 4.00
A/B 3.50
B 3.00
B/C 2.50
C 2.00
D 1.00
E 0.00
K 0.00

A minimum of 2.00 cGPA is required in order to remain in UGM. At least 2.50 cGPA is required in order to avoid repeating the previous year instead of progressing to the next year. At least 2.50 cGPA is also a requirement for yudisium.


The letter grade of "K" means that there is an obstacle to releasing a student's mark for that block. For example, if a student failed their Biochemistry (which requires the average of their lab sessions and final test to be higher than 60%), then the student will need to do remedials to increase their average Biochemistry mark over 60%. If the student fails to achieve a 60%, then the real block mark will be withheld and the student's GPA will indicate a "K". The student will eventually need to do remedials to increase their Biochemistry mark at which point the real letter grade will be released.

Block Exam GPA[edit]

There has been some controversy over which method is used to calculate GPA based on the block exam percentage mark. The standard UGM calculation uses these values however different values have been used in the past:

Grade GPA Block Exam
A 4.00 75%-100%
A/B 3.50 70%-74.9%
B 3.00 65%-69.9%
B/C 2.50 60%-64.9%
C 2.00 55%-59.9%
D 0.00 50%-54.9%
E 0.00 0%-49.9%

Also remember that your final grade will be a mixture of the block exam mark and the lab marks. Check the specific block's block book for each block's grading breakdown.