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Administration for each department

The following are a list of hospitals that koas students may be rotated to.

  1. RSUD Pati
  2. RSUD Wonosari
  3. RSUD Bantul
  4. RSUD Sleman
  5. RS Grhasia
  6. RS Akademik
  7. RS Bethesda
  8. RS Mata Dr. Yap
  9. RSUD Cilacap
  10. BPK RSU Kabupaten Magelang
  11. RSJ Prof. Dr. Soerojo, Magelang
  12. RSUP Dr. Soeradji Tirtonegoro, Klaten
  13. Kabupaten Klaten
  14. RSUD Purworejo
  15. BRSD Kabupaten Wonosobo
  16. RSUD Kota Yogyakarta
  17. RSU Tidar, Magelang
  18. RSUD Banyumas
  19. RSJ Daerah Provinsi DI Yogyakarta
  20. RSUD Banjarnegara
  21. RSUD Muntilan
  22. RSUD Wates
  23. RSUP dr Sardjito


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