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Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN) is a stase in clinical rotation year. It usually consists of 8 weeks on field. KKN is offered at three periods by the university, which fall on Gasal, Antar Semester and Genap periods. Although offered in three periods, KKN period must be taken in accordance of rotation schedule (kartu kendali).

KKN program is held under supervision of Direktorat Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (DPkM) or was part of Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LPPM, defunct). The DPkM is located in Rectorate Blng. 3rd Floor South Section. The faculty is faciliitated the connection to DPkM with KKN Secretariat at Radiopoetro Bldg. 1st Floor.


As said before, KKN is held on three separate periods each academic year, the Gasal (from October to November), Genap (from March to April) and Antar Semester (from June to July). As KKN is held by DPkM, start date and end date for KKN is announced near start of semester. However, the rotation schedule was announced earlier (in general, in one stase after the rotation started). Thus, it is important to cross-check the rotation schedule with KKN date from DPkM as soon as the date is announced. The cross check can be done in Clinical Rotation Secretariat in Grha Wiyata 1st Floor. During the cross-check, there are possibility of re-adjustment of clinical rotation schedule.

KKN Cycle[edit]


The KKN preparation is started on February for Genap and Antar Semester and on August for Ganjil. The preparation is started with registration which held by Faculty KKN Secretariat (paper-based). The KKN Secretariat will give username and password for the online DPkM registration. DPkM will give participant card (kartu peserta).

During the preparation period, there will be preparatory lecture by Faculty and DPkM. As the rotation is not on vacation, it is important to ask the clinical rotation secretariat for leaving permission. After preparatory lecture by DPkM, there is post-test and health check-up.

After health check-up, the placement commenced. KKN located is classified into two groups, the K1 (inner ring, the Yogyakarta Special Region and Klaten, Boyolali, Magelang and Purworejo in Central Java) and K2 (the rest). If registering for K2, student can select the KKN location. In general, locations in K2 group has promoter (inner circle) and held open recruitment. The open recruitement result will be used during placement. Otherwise, if students select K1 or their application for K2 is rejected, the students will automatically enrolled in K1 and DPkM will held the placement.

After placement was held, the placement result (unit members) will be announced. Then the unit will do some planned DPkM activity (such as Bakti Kampus, DPL Briefing (Dosen Pembimbing Lapangan, DPL) and Opening Ceremony. Before start of KKN, it is advised to do preliminary survey in location such as pondokan (lodging), mobile communication support and logistics.


On the KKN Placement, there are three periods, program preparation, program execution and report preparation. In general, first week is used to program preparation such as observation and so on. The rest will be program execution. It is advised to finish the report before returning to Yogyakarta.


After returning to Yogyakarta, all reports must be submitted in one week after the end of KKN period. DPkM personal report is sent online. The faculty report is sent online in Gamel and handed on to KKN Secretariat for the hard-copy. After that, the mark will be released.

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