Parking at Campus

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Map of campus

After 2015[edit]

After 1 January 2015, a new regulation for parking is in effect. Lecturers, staff, and guests are permitted to ride and park their vehicle within the faculty while students are forbidden to ride and park their motorized vehicle inside the faculty campus. Students can enter on foot or by bicycle into the faculty only, or via ojeg or taxi. For students that drive cars, parking is available at Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP). If the student rides a motorcycle, they must park it on Health Cluster Parking Facility. Parking in GSP or Health Cluster Parking Facility is free of charge. Grha Sabha Pramana can be accessed from the Boulevard, while Health Cluster Parking Facility is located at west of Faculty of Dentistry and South of 'Pusat Pengembangan Bahasa'.

Before 2015[edit]

Entrance to campus is at Jalan Medika where cars and motorbikes must either be in possession of a KIK or take a yellow ticket. The yellow ticket is free and is used to track vehicles entering campus. Jalan Farmako, the street that is contained within the campus itself, is one-way only. The exit is on Jalan Sains where either the KIK must be presented or the yellow ticket given back. Parking is free at campus for cars and motorbikes but spaces are often hard to come by.

Parking is forbidden for students where the sidewalk is painted blue or spaces that are marked with a sign that says the parking is for docents only.