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Office:3rd floor, Radiopoetro
Lab:3rd floor, Radiopoetro
Work-plan:On provided sheet.
Pre-test:10 MC.
Lab Report:On provided sheet.


Pharmacology is a lab about drugs (medications). The most important thing students of all years need to know is How to Write Prescriptions.


The lab is located in hallway with the door marked "Biomolekuler" on the 3rd floor of Radioputero. Students hand in their completed lab reports in the office in the same hallway.


The pre-test is marked immediately and those students that fail it have to repeat it immediately before they can join the rest of the students with the lab.

Work Plan[edit]

Work plan sheet

The Pharmacology work-plan needs to be done on the work plan worksheet available on the shelves outside IOSS in Grha Wiyata. It has to be handed in at the start of the lab.


The report is done on provided worksheets. The pharmacology report is normally composed of several questions that you need to answer before submitting it. The answers need to have several good sources.