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If you're depressed, watch this video and you will feel better.

Jokes aside, if you think you may be suffering from depression, speak to a psychiatrist. Depression can cause lots of health problems and depression itself can be caused by various underlying physical and/or mental problems. Depression will also affect your studies. Depression doesn't always get better with time and sometimes gets worse the longer it goes untreated. So, go get your depression fixed as soon as possible. Do a depression screening test to screen yourself.


  • Involve yourself in more activities where you currently are. Thinking constantly about your faraway home will make you miss it more.
  • Enjoy the temporary opportunity you have to be here. You will go back permanently soon and will end up missing Yogyakarta your whole life.


  • Get a pet such as a guinea pig, cat, bird, or rabbit.
  • Sign up to activities and organizations. Many are available at campus.
  • Start a project with a good purpose.
  • Work out by either creating a daily exercise routine or participating in a sports or dance team.
  • Share a house with other people if you currently live alone.
  • Find a partner to go eat lunch/dinner with daily.
  • Think about or find somebody to talk about your past experiences and achievements. Get in touch with an old best-friend and reminisce about old times.

Low grades[edit]

  • Low grades are usually caused by bad time management. Figure out what's taking up your time and try to eliminate it or limit it.
  • If you're getting low grades despite spending a lot of time studying, the problem is perhaps your study strategy. Try to study regularly rather than wait until the last week to cram.
  • Approach a senior student and ask them to help you develop a study strategy for your block. Seniors have learned from their experience. Use their experience. Perhaps the problem is that you're wasting time studying material that is not necessary and missing the essential stuff.
  • Try to understand and make connections in your mind between concepts. Understanding how different concepts relate to each other will help you remember.
  • See a professional (psychiatrist) and tell them about your problem. Perhaps there is an underlying cause for your low grades such as ADD.

Low self-esteem[edit]

  • Surround yourself with people that compliment you. Get away from people that make you feel down.
  • Make plans about what you will do in the future. Remember that the time now is temporary and you have a greater purpose later on. Having goals will give you purpose, and having a purpose will motivate you to achieve your goals.
  • Cut-off and isolate yourself from negative people: remove them from social networks and stop speaking to them.
  • Involve yourself in extra-curricular activities and groups. Being part of a team will give you a sense of purpose.


  • Try different methods of studying; e.g. multimedia (e.g. Youtube), teaching others, or creating lecture notes.
  • Explore the city. Walk down roads you never have before. You will be amazed at how far you can go on foot.


See: Workplace bullying on Wikipedia.


  • Family problems occur in all families to some degree. So, you are not alone.
  • Not every family problem has to be your problem. Stressing yourself over things that don't concern you or you can't control is not going to help.
  • Try to repair broken ties with family members. If you are unable to, then know that you tried your best in the situation.
  • Confide your problems to a confidant (i.e. a very close friend or relative that you can trust). Sometimes all it takes is another perspective to solve a dilemma.


  • Create a financial plan. Note down all expenses.
  • Learn to say "no" to things that go against your financial plan.
  • If your friends are eating at an expensive restaurant that you can't afford, simply tell them. Good friends wouldn't mind eating at a place that suits your budget. Also, there is no shame in this. What is cheap for one person is expensive for another, no matter how poor or rich they are.


  • If they don't care about you, then you shouldn't care about them.
  • Good friendships can replace some of the emptiness left behind by break-ups. Invest your time in forging friendships.
  • Get back in touch with your family and relatives. A support system helps make break-ups easier.
  • Never resort to fighting. If you aren't happy or your partner isn't happy, simply smile and leave. Fighting (including venting and gossiping on social networks) never solved any problems. Remember the proverb: if you hold a hot coal with the intention to throw it at someone, you will be the first one to get burned.

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  • Speak to a psychiatrist first.
  • Consider the pain that will be felt by all the people that know and love you.
  • Suicide is for the weak. Be strong and face the problems. Once solved, your problems will just be an old chapter in your life.
  • Everybody feels depressed at some point in their life.