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D.I.Yogyakarta (province)
Yogyakarta (city)
Indonesian money


  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance: 118 (It is better to save the JIH emergency number in your phone instead. See below.)
  • Fire: 113
  • Emergency: 112
  • Immigration office: 0274-487-165
  • Embassy of Malaysia in Jakarta: +62 215-224-947


  • JIH (Jogja International Hospital): 0274-446-3535 (Emergency: 0274-446-3555)
  • Red Cross: 0274-379-212


Jogja has an abundance of restaurants of all types.

Grocery Stores[edit]

  • Super Indo: There is one located on Jalan Kaliurang 6.2 km. This is the nearest to campus, about 5 minutes by taxi. Another is located on Jalan Solo.
  • Carrefour: In Amplaz. Larger than Super Indo and has everything imaginable.
  • Giant: Located on Jalan Solo across from XXI. Similar to Super Indo.
  • Hero: Located in Malioboro Mall, has some imported items.
  • R&B: Located on Jalan Monginsidi, R&B is a steakhouse restaurant with a small shop selling gourmet meats, cheeses, and other imported foodstuffs.


Java transportation map
  • Tugu Train Station: 0274-589-685
    • Train tickets can be purchased through the agent office beside Grha Wiyata and the KPTU building. Tickets can also be bought at Indomaret, Alfamart, Tiket.com, or from the train station itself.
  • Airport: 0274-484-261
  • Jogja is approximately an hour away from the city of Solo which has its own airport. Trains go between Solo and Jogja hourly and some people prefer to simply take a taxi to commute between the cities.
  • Jogja is well connected by bus to all parts of Indonesia. There are many travel agents that specialize in travel by bus. A large inter-city bus terminal is Jombor, located near Jalan Magelang and Ring Road Utara. There are several dozen ticket agents located within Jombor. Joglosemar is a bus that serves Semarang, Solo, Salatiga, and Yogyakarta- their office is located on Jalan Magelang.


Setia Kawan taxi

Taxis take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to arrive after calling. They arrive faster in central areas such as the campus; usually they arrive within 10 minutes. When you call the taxi dispatch number, be ready to give your name and the color of your clothing, and of course, your location. All taxi meters (called "argo" in Indonesian) are standardized and no matter which taxi company you use, the meter should run at the same rate. Taxi drivers in Yoyakarta are usually honest but the best way to avoid getting ripped off is to act confident and natural. Instead of asking the taxi driver if he will go to so-and-so location, simply flag down a taxi, open the door, sit inside, and confidently say the address. The taxi driver will turn the meter on without you having to ask. If he tries to give you a price (this usually happens at the train station), simply refuse and get a new taxi (Jogja has an unlimited supply of taxis). Don't get angry at the taxi driver.

If you're arriving at the train station, refuse all taxis and walk out onto Malioboro street to hail a cab.

If arriving at the airport without much luggage, try to be sneaky and grab a taxi from just beyond the departures drop-off area. Taxis dropping passengers at the departures area will be happy to quickly pick you up and use the taxi meter as they leave. If you have a lot of luggage, the only option is to go to the taxi counter, tell them where you want to go, purchase a voucher, walk to the taxi stand, hand the voucher to the taxi driver, and be on your way. The taxi voucher saves you from getting ripped off by touting taxi drivers the moment you come out of the arrivals building, but the taxi voucher is usually a bit more expensive than using the meter.

The same standard rules for not getting ripped off by taxis apply here. Don't ask the taxi driver any questions like "will you go to...", "will you use meter or not", "how much?", or "how far?". Asking these questions opens the door for the taxi driver to rip you off. Do as the locals do: confidently get in a cab, say the address as if you do it routinely, and then look busy on your phone. If the taxi driver tries to negotiate a price or forgets to turn the meter on, remind him to turn the meter on by pointing at it and saying, "Argo, pak!"

Taxi drivers will expect their passengers to pay for parking (usually Rp. 2,000) if stopping anywhere (most shops, restaurants, etc.) and also entrance fee to the airport (Rp. 5,000). For short distances where the meter doesn't reach Rp.25,000, you will be required to pay Rp.25,000 (or whatever the minimal rate for the taxi company is, as indicated by a sticker inside the taxi).

There is no guarantee what type of car, sedan or SUV, you will be dispatched unless you ask for a specific kind otherwise.

  • Asa Taxi: 0274-545-545
  • Centris Taxi: 0274-711-1111 / 0274-436-2221
  • Indrakelana Taxi: 0274-564-572
  • Jas/Citra/Sewu/Wastu Taxi: 0274-373-737 (Use their Android app)
  • Pataga Taxi: 0274-384-384 / 0274-371-725
  • Pendawa Taxi: 0274-370-000
  • Progo: 0274-621-333
  • PSA Taxi: 0274-868-889
  • Rajawali Taxi: 0274-487-676
  • Sadewa Taxi: 0274-376-107
  • Setia Kawan Taxi: 0274-412-000
  • Vetri Taxi: 0274-563-551

During rush hours, weekends, holidays, and when it's raining, it is difficult to get a taxi. Try calling all the companies one by one, and if they all don't have taxis available, simply call them again after five or so minutes.

To get to campus, simply say to the taxi driver, "ke Grha Wiyata, Fakultas Kedokteran Umum, UGM".

Motorcycle Taxi[edit]

  • 0274-3015-900
  • 0274-7446-565

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